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[imaj tanıma api ile ortaklaşa yazılan şiir]

A Human– Machine Collaboration

the poem is
a collaborative poem ; 2020

the shower is white
a woman is smiling
oh! a long hair
a white paper
in/a brown box
a basket of orange
w/ a silver metal holder
a white and black toilet
the wall is white

but the bottom of the toilet is black
the curtain is white

oh! the hand of a person
the mans hand
a person standing in the background
but the banana is brown
the window is white

the womans neck is white
oh! the back of a woman
the top of the umbrella
a metal fence
the arm of a person
the curtains are white

the photo is
a tree trunk
the water is white
oh! the ground is wet
the shadow of the bench
but the roof is made of wood
the window is white
the window is white

the water is made of water
the water is clear
the water is calm
oh! the water is white
the reflection of the trees
on/a roof of a building
the door is white

the hill is covered in snow
oh! a small
a pole in the background
the snow is white
the snow is white